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Oceanly is a fast, responsive, modern, and multi-purpose WordPress theme which is great for the blog, news, education, and portfolio website. Every element in a theme is designed to make sure it grabs the highest engagement from the readers and visitors. It offers a seamless and user-friendly interface to the users. Also, it is very SEO friendly and fast loading theme.

Oceanly - WordPress Theme
Oceanly – WordPress Theme

Oceanly comes with a custom header image section with parallax effect, custom background, multiple footer widgets locations, and the main sidebar widget area.

The theme supports three different locations for the menu which include the primary menu, footer menu, and social links menu. The primary menu supports multi-level, drop-down sub-menus which are fully accessible to the keyboard users.

Also, the theme supports breadcrumbs navigation in the header which can act as secondary navigation for the users. The theme offers a conditional header block area that can be used to place any content in the header like slider, services, etc. and this can be configured to be shown on specific pages depending on the settings. The theme comes with various options to customize the website as per need with many different possibilities.

The theme will be available for download very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the Theme Options?

In your WordPress admin dashboard, you can find the theme options in the menu “Appearance” > “Customize”.

How to change the Header Background Image or Color?

You can change the header background image from theme options “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Header Image”. Also, you can change the header background color from “Customize” > “Colors”.

Where to manage the Sidebar or Footer Widgets?

You can add and manage the sidebar or footer widgets in “Appearance” > “Widgets”. You can drag and drop widgets in the widget sidebar area.

Oceanly theme comes with 4 sidebar widgets areas which include a main sidebar widget area and 3 footer widgets areas. And, the premium version comes with 6 footer widgets areas with a theme option to change the number of footer widgets per row.

How to hide the Page Title?

When adding or editing the page, on the right side of the block editor, you will find “Oceanly Settings” > “Hide Header Title”. Check this checkbox field to hide the title of this page.

How to set the Left Sidebar for Pages or Blog Posts?

For pages, you can set the page template in “Page Attributes” > “Template” to “Page with left sidebar” when editing or adding the page in the editor. Also, there are many other templates available.

For blog posts, you can set the left-sidebar layout from the “Appearance” > “Customize” > “General Options” > “Blog Page Sidebar” to “Left Sidebar”.

How to make full container width for the blog posts when there is no active sidebar?

When there is no sidebar widget, you can make the blog posts width to fit in the container from “Appearance” > “Customize” > “General Options” > “Blog Page Width (No Sidebar)” to “Full”. It is “Compact” by default for the blog posts with no sidebar.

How to create Social Links Menu?

You can create a menu from “Appearance” > “Menu”. Then, create “Custom Links” for menu items. For URL in a custom link, enter your social page URL. Finally, assign this newly created menu to a menu location “Social Links Menu”. Then, the social links will be shown in the footer.

For the social links menu in the header, you may want to check our premium version. It is available in the premium version with extra features.

How to add a Slider, Shortcodes, or Blocks in the Header?

You can use the conditional header block for this. You can find this option in the “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Header Block Area”. Then, create a reusable block and select this block in the “Header Block Area”. In this block area, you can insert the slider shortcode or any other shortcode or other blocks.

Also, you can set conditions of where to show this block area. For example, check “Show in Front Page” to show this block area on the front page.

The theme comes with 1 header block area. And, the premium version comes with 3 header block areas and 2 footer block areas.

For any block area, you can also specify if you want to make it full width or contained width.

Oceanly Theme Features

  • Breadcrumbs Navigation

    The theme supports SEO optimized breadcrumbs navigation for archive and other pages which acts as secondary navigation for the users.

  • Branding Options

    Supports a header branding area with logo, title, and tagline. The theme options for branding offers settings for various alignments, logo, title, and tagline size to fine-tune the site branding area for small, medium, and large screen size devices.

  • Multi-Level Drop-down

    The theme offers a fully responsive multi-level drop-down menu in the header as the main navigation for the theme which also has an alignment option to the left, center, or right for both the desktop and mobile navigation menu.

  • Header Background

    The custom header background supports the image in the header and background color. From the theme options, you can select multiple images for the header images which can be configured to show in a random order to the visitors.

  • Header Block Area

    Using the header block area in the theme options, you can insert any content in the header like slider, shortcodes, any block or group of blocks.

  • 3 Menu Locations

    The theme supports 3 different menu locations which include the main drop-down navigation, footer menu, and social links menu in the footer.

  • Left and Right Sidebar

    The theme offers a layout for pages and blog posts with left or right sidebar. For any page, you can select a template with the left or right sidebar. For any post, you can globally set the layout from the theme options.

  • Full and Compact Width Templates

    The theme can also have full width or compact width layout. For pages, the layout is by default set to full width and for blog posts, the layout is set to compact width by default.

  • Modern Typography

    The theme utilizes modern layout and typography techniques. More specifically, the theme layout is completely based on the flexbox layout and responsive typography.

  • 4 Footer Widgets

    The theme offers 4 footer widgets areas to place the widgets. You can also set the number of widgets per row for desktop and mobile size devices from the theme options.

  • Footer Social Links

    The social links menu location allows you to place the social icons with links in the footer of the site. The premium version also supports the social links in the header section of the theme.