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Contact Form Query adds a contact form to your WordPress site and allows you to receive a new message notification to your specified email and also to the WordPress Admin Panel. You can show the contact form on any page of your website in a compact or standard layout design by using a simple shortcode. Also, you can configure the form field settings, labels, and color options as offered by the contact form plugin.

Plugin Version1.8.1
WordPress Version5.0 or higher | up to 6.6 (latest)
PHP Version7.x, 8.x
Translation ReadyYes
Plugin TypeContact Form, Email Notification, Messages Listing, Searching, Filtering
Compatible BrowsersAll Major Browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Opera, Safari

Contact Form Query is a WordPress plugin to add a contact form to your website. It allows receiving new message notifications to your specified email and also to the WordPress Admin Panel. Also, it adds a dashboard widget where the admin can view all the latest messages received in the WordPress dashboard.

It supports filtering and searching for messages. And, you can add extra notes to a message for reference purposes or mark them as answered.

To prevent spam entries in the form, this plugin allows you to block messages based on blacklisted keywords so you can input and provide any keywords to easily block certain types of spam messages. Also, it comes with a captcha feature with support for Google reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare Turnstile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to display a contact form on a page or post?

Use the shortcode [contact_form_query] to display the contact form on a page or post. Also, you may use “Contact Form” block in the block editor to display the contact form.

Email not working when using WP Mail?

You can read the following guide to correctly configure your email settings, so emails work properly on your WordPress site.

How to get Site Key and Secret Key for reCAPTCHA or Cloudflare Turnstile?

Read the guide on how to get the site key and secret key for Google reCAPTCHA.

Also, you can read how to get the site key and secret key for Cloudflare Turnstile.

How to block message entries based on keywords?

You can block messages based on keywords. Simply input all the keywords line by line that you want to block in the “Blacklist Keywords” field available in “Contact” > “Settings” > “Captcha”. For example, if you input this:

block keyword one

This will block any message that contains any of the above three keywords “block keyword one”, “blockthisemail@domain”, or “keywordthree”. Also, these keywords can be in any of the fields like email, subject, message, name, etc. You can leave this field empty if you do not want to block message entries based on keywords.

Contact Form Query Features

  • Contact Form Shortcode

    Using the shortcode, you can display a contact form on your page where users can fill in the form and send their queries or messages.

  • Search and Filter Messages

    In the admin dashboard, you can search for contact messages by subject, message, email address, or note. The flexible search mechanism allows you to filter messages as per the need.

  • Add Extra Notes to a Message

    For each message that you receive from the contact form, you will be able to take a note for future reference.

  • Customizable Form

    You can customize the contact form that is shown to the users via a shortcode. You can rename, remove, and adjust all the fields of the contact form. Also, there is a compact design available which you can choose from.

  • AJAX Based Contact Form

    With this, there will be no page refresh and the users will immediately see the feedback message after submitting the contact form. Also, you can customize the feedback message in the settings.

  • Contact Form Dashboard Widget

    With this dashboard widget, you can see the recent messages received in the WordPress admin dashboard.

  • Notification to Admin via Email

    Receive notification of a new message to your preferred email address. You can set the email where to receive the message notification. Also, all the entries are collected in the WordPress database. So, there is no loss of data.

Contact Form Query Pricing

$ 0
  • Contact Form Shortcode
  • Search and Filter Messages
  • Add Extra Notes
  • Customizable Form
  • AJAX Based Contact Form
  • Support for Captcha
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Notification to Admin via Email
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