Top JavaScript Frameworks for Server-Side Rendered Apps
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Top JavaScript Frameworks for Server-Side Rendered Apps

The JavaScript ecosystem is growing rapidly, so it’s essential to keep track of how things are progressing, especially when it comes to JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

The way a Single Page Application display pages to a visitor has changed a lot. With Server-Side rendering, server response has the initial HTML code instead of JavaScript code rendering the HTML in the browser. This can greatly improve the SEO and the performance of the initial render.

In this guide, we discuss the popular JavaScript frameworks which you can use to create Server-Side rendered web applications.

Next.js – The React Framework

Next.js is a JavaScript framework, build on top of React for Node.js. With Next.js, the Node.js in the server renders the React Components and then serve to the browser.

Also, it reduces the effort in configuring webpack, babel, and other tools and speed up your development workflow.

Next.js is very stable and has an active community in the open-source world. Following are the reasons to use Next.js:

  • Supports serverless builds.
  • Support for webpack, react router, react and react-dom out of the box.
  • Code splitting.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any existing data-fetching strategy.
  • Smaller initial HTML size.
  • Integrates easily Node.js backend, such as Express, Koa, or Electron.
  • Low build-time memory usage.
  • Lazy loaded modules.

Nuxt.js – The Vue Framework

Nuxt.js is a simple, but powerful framework that builds on top of Vue.js to create universal, server-side rendered applications.

It abstracts the code distribution of server and client and allows you to spend less time on configuration, and more time on solving problems and building Vue applications. The reasons to use Nuxt.js:

  • Configurable services and templates.
  • Clear project structure. Switch between components and pages seamlessly.
  • Automatic code splitting (pre-rendered pages).
  • Static file serving.
  • Powerful routing with asynchronous data.
  • Support for ES6/ES7 by default.
  • Abstracts client/server distribution.

If you prefer Vue more than React, then Nuxt.js makes the perfect choice.