Top WordPress Chrome Extensions for All WordPress Users
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Top WordPress Chrome Extensions for All WordPress Users

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. And, it comes with hundreds of useful extensions to do various tasks within your browser.

Browser extensions can greatly improve your browsing efficiency. With the right extensions, you can automatically perform some repetitive tasks and boost your productivity.

There are many useful chrome extensions available for WordPress that can help with the development of a website, blogging, searching for themes and, plugins, checking for spelling mistakes and grammar, and more.


Grammarly is the most popular Chrome extension which is very useful for quick checking for spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, or grammatical mistakes in the content you write. It is a great extension that helps you in writing or editing your blog post. As a result, it helps to improve the readability of your content.

With Grammarly, the spelling mistakes are highlighted in red colors and green colors for the right spelling. And, you just need to hover over the errors and click on them to correct your mistakes. Additionally, its advanced algorithms analyze sentence structure and writing style, providing constructive suggestions for improving clarity, conciseness, and writing quality.

WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector

WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector is one of the most popular extensions to detect the theme and plugins being used on the website you are currently viewing. This extension is fast because it does not make use of your browser’s performance. Instead, for detecting purposes, it uses their server-side API.

If the website you are viewing is a WordPress website, then the extension icon will turn blue, otherwise, it will turn grey.

Scan WP – Detect WordPress Themes and Plugins

Scan WP can detect the WordPress themes and plugins on any WordPress site.

If you visit any website, you may wonder which theme and plugins the site is built on. Then, you can use this Chrome extension to detect the theme and plugins on the site.

When you install this extension, an orange WordPress logo will appear in your browser. So, you can go to a WordPress site and just press that logo. Within a few seconds, you will know about the theme and plugins that the site is using.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

WordPress Admin Bar Control is useful when you want to hide or show the WordPress admin bar from time to time as per your need.

The admin bar at the top of every WordPress screen is a very useful tool for fast navigation. But in some cases, the admin bar of WordPress can get in the way and takes up screen space which can make the page look a little untidy.

When you add this extension, the WordPress icon will appear in your Chrome browser. Then, you can click on it and the admin bar will disappear. After, you can click it again to make the admin bar reappear. This means you can dismiss the bar when you need to.

WP Hive

WP Hive chrome extension is a simple yet powerful extension for WordPress users. This extension helps you to find:

  • Plugin vulnerability like if there is an error.
  • Plugin comparison opportunity means you can compare multiple plugins to choose the best one.
  • Crucial insights like page speed, memory consumption, and many more.

Once you install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, whenever you visit a plugin page on, you will find the plugin insights on the right sidebar of that plugin. You can get even more insights by clicking on the “More insights” option. It is a great extension for anyone who runs a website powered by WordPress.


ColorZilla is a Chrome extension that allows you to pick any color you find on a website.

With the advanced eyedropper tool, it can read the color code and lets you find the perfect color for your website. Also, it maintains a history of recent colors that you pick, so you can come back to them.


WhatFont is for fonts. It is one of the most useful Chrome extensions for web designers. Using the WhatFont Chrome extension, you can easily find the font of any particular text on any website.

With WhatFont, you just need to hover over the text and you will get the name of the font. Also, it shows the supported services like Google Font API and Typekit.


Dimensions is a Chrome extension to measure different dimensions on a website. Sometimes, you may want to know the spaces between different elements on a website.

With this extension, you can simply move your mouse pointer between different elements like text blocks, images, buttons, or form fields to find out the exact measurements.

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage is a great extension to quickly take a screenshot of an entire webpage. Also, you can crop or select a portion of it.

To take a screenshot, you can click on the extension icon or press Alt+Shift+P. After it captures the screen, you can download it as an image or PDF.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is the most powerful SEO tool on the market. It helps you to know why your competitors are ranking very high and what steps you can take to beat them. Also, it helps you to find out keywords that you can use to boost your search traffic.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a Chrome extension that can give you access to the SEO metrics and SEO analysis report of any website. It is a perfect extension to find out why your competitors are performing well or badly. Also, it can find the keywords which will help to improve your website ranking.

SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

SimilarWeb is a Chrome extension to analyze website traffic. With this extension, you can see the complete stats of your WordPress website which include keywords, traffic sources, rate of user engagement, and more. It can give you a detailed insight report of any website with one click.

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